Introduction to Intuitive Art Journaling Workshop with artist Ali Mauger: Saturday 3rd July 2021 10am - 4pm
Introduction to Intuitive Art Journaling Workshop with artist Ali Mauger: Saturday 3rd July 2021 10am - 4pm

Introduction to Intuitive Art Journaling Workshop with artist Ali Mauger: Saturday 3rd July 2021 10am - 4pm

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This is a fabulous workshop which will introduce you to intuitive art journaling.

You do not need to be an artist, 'artistic', or consider yourself to be creative to fully take part in the workshop - all are welcome.

The workshop is focused on authentic expression of thoughts, ideas and emotions through the exploration of a variety of techniques including mark marking, symbolism, collage, adding images and words/letters, using inclusions, and more.

Not only can you use art journaling to express yourself, but also as a means to reconnect with your creative self and to develop your creativity.

In this workshop, you will be creating background pages for your journal, making your journal covers, using hand stitching to construct your book, adding to your pages, putting in any inclusions which you would like to add, and adding embellishments.

Time: 10am start and 4pm finish (Lunch break approx. 12.30pm-1.30pm)

Maximum number on workshop: 4 adults

Venue: Craft Workshops c/o Grassroots Garden & Aquatics Centre, Stalbridge Road, Henstridge BA8 0SA

We are really privileged to have artist Ali Mauger leading these workshop sessions.

Ali's thoughts on intuitive art journaling are:

"Art journaling is not about producing a beautiful piece of art (although that may happen, especially with practice).

  • Art journaling is primarily about self care.
  • It's about giving yourself permission to be creative, to make a mess, to play, to not know what you're doing - permission to let go.
  • It's about learning, both about art techniques and about yourself.
  • It's about creating a space within your life that can bring you comfort and a safe place to express your feelings.
  • Sometimes, art journal pages can be ugly and raw because that's what you need to express.
  • And often pages can be beautiful and inspiring because that's what you need to see/hear.

It can also just be a pretty book to display photos or other keepsakes, but this is not the whole story.

On a practical level, I teach techniques. I teach how to make backgrounds, work with different media, how to physically stitch the book together, and to add ephemera and embellishments.

Along the way, I hope to show that making space for creativity can be like medicine for the mind and soul. Journaling is one way to introduce this into your life, to make you happier.

With a few basic techniques and ideas, students can explore further at home.
And that's great, because I teach that expensive art materials are not necessary to continue journaling.

I really encourage recycling and repurposing. Personally, in my art journaling practice, I use all sorts of ordinary things and even make art materials (and entire journals!) out of things that other people would throw away."

Everything which you need for these workshop sessions are included although, if you are an artist or work with a creative medium, you are encouraged to bring your materials with you to incorporate this into your art journaling.

You are also very welcome to bring any small items of personal significance to use in your journaling, such as inspirational photos (you may wish to bring copies of your own photos to use rather than the originals), old cards, wording/letters/numbers which have meaning for you, and items such as scraps of material, lace, buttons etc from items which you love.

Hot and cold drinks are included throughout the workshop - please a packed lunch.

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